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The hallmark of Andrew Hoffman Law PC, LLO is personalized and professional legal services. Whether you need an estate plan, help buying real estate, or maybe a new Limited Liability Company, let Andrew Hoffman Law help you. At our office, you will receive personalized attention. We are driven to provide the best client service with a concierge’s touch. It is just the way things are done around here.

You are important. Your family is important. We provide legal services for all of your family business needs. Thank you for considering us.

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Thank you for visiting the web page of Andrew Hoffman Law PC, LLO. We are committed to serving the needs of rural Nebraskans and South Dakotans. Whether you need a comprehensive estate plan, strategic help planning for long-term care, a business organization formed, or more challenging matters like probating an estate, we offer the skilled legal presence you require to solve or overcome these issues.

At our practice, we believe in treating each client as an individual and making the effort to understand each client’s unique needs. Our teamwork approach with your other professional advisors results in giving each legal matter the personal attention it requires. We treat each file the same way we would want our file treated.

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Just because we practice in rural America, does not mean significant legal issues never impact our lives. That is why our firm comes prepared. That is why we chose to practice here. That is why we live here. Our diverse legal areas include:

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