Estate Planning Attorney

Without an estate plan, the state of Nebraska decides how to distribute your property using the guidance from the intestate statutes. While these are designed to be fair, they offer to guarantee that your wishes will be granted.

That is where a comprehensive estate plan, designed by Andrew Hoffman Law, comes in. A simple will is a step in the right direction, but our plans contain so much more.

Nebraska Estate Planning Attorney

That is why our estate planning package includes the following:

  • Last Will and Testament: The legal document that identifies your heirs and the property they receive upon your death.
  • Durable Power of AttorneyAn agreement between you and an agent that designates financial and general duties (not medical decisions) that agent will perform on your behalf should you become incapacitated.
  • Health Care Power of Attorney: When you are rendered unable to make medical treatment decisions, this document appoints someone who will do that on your behalf.
  • Living Will (aka Declaration): This document contains your wishes should you end up on life support or otherwise rendered incapacitated. It will contain guidance for the health care agent should you require life-prolonging medical treatments.
  • Medical Release for Family Members: Due to federal and state regulations, medical information cannot be released even to your own loved ones should you be unable to consent to that disclosure. This document gives them access in case of incapacitation so your health care agent can make the best decisions possible.

An estate plan serves many benefits. It can protect your property from taxation and describe what happens to your home, investments, business, life insurance, and employee benefits should you face disability or pass away. On the health care side, it can help your loved ones make decisions about long-term care, medical treatment, and any other issues that arise in that area.

Your estate planning visit with Andrew will be comprehensive. In addition to covering the critical planning areas, you can expect a value added experience that will include a discussion about liability protection, auto insurance coverages, life insurance, account ownership, home ownership status, and many other areas. Our approach will save your family time and money. It has before.


Take steps to give yourself, and your family, peace of mind today. Contact Andrew Hoffman Law today at (402) 925-2268 to schedule a consultation at our Atkinson, Nebraska office, serving Holt County.