Land Transactions & 1031 Exchanges

Being in a rural community, Andrew Hoffman Law quickly embraced real estate matters. These are very common in the agricultural sector and they often overwhelm people. For that reason, we offer experienced guidance whether you are completing a routine matter or a more complex 1031 exchange.

Land Transactions & 1031 Exchanges

Routine Land Transactions

Even the every-day real estate transactions can require many overwhelming steps. For us, these are familiar and easy to navigate. We can make it simpler for you as well.

Routine land transactions we can manage for you include:

  • Real Estate Sales: We can represent buyers and sellers through each step of land purchases and draft the needed agreements.
  • Leases: Residential, commercial, hunting and agricultural leases are all within our realm of expertise.
  • Covenants and Associations: These agreements limit use and changes to the property and we can draft or review them to help protect value or prevent undue limitations on your property rights.
  • Easements: If your neighbor needs to build a driveway through your land or lay pipe to have access to water, our easements will ensure compensation to you and permissible use to the other party, minimizing future conflict.
  • Land Use/Zoning: We can help ensure your plans for development or agriculture do not counter current Holt County land use and zoning laws, preserving your project.

These are just examples of the services we perform for land transactions. If you are facing a unique situation, just give us a call. It is likely we can help you.

1031 Exchanges

A 1031 exchange allows you to swap out one business investment for another without the tax consequences of a sale. It only works for business or investment property, although there are some personal property transactions that can apply.

While this process can offer many advantages for a growing or agricultural venture, they can be complex and lead to penalties if mishandled. Arrange for a consultation with a real estate attorney before attempting this on your own.


At Andrew Hoffman Law, we are prepared to help you with your routine or complex land transaction in Holt County. Call us at (402) 925-2268 to schedule an appointment.