Media Relations

The Media is your friend. Whether you are feeling under attacked, or need them to get your message across, we will help you develop an organic strategy which disseminates your message in a positive, genuine style. No big city BS.

Public Relations - Andrew Hoffman

A journalist in his former life, Andrew draws on his past experiences to help craft on-point press releases, while at the same time supporting it with a comprehensive social media strategy. But that’s not enough. Sticking your neck out there and entering the fray on talk radio, television and newspaper is what will help you get your message to where it needs to go. What should you say? What should you avoid? What can’t you say? With Andrew, legal advice and media help go hand-in-hand for a one-stop solution.

Whether you are engaging the media with a press release, or being engaged by the media due to their interest in you, taking the right message to the public is essential. Sometimes critical.