Probate Administration

Loss of a Loved One: Probate Administration

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Please accept our sincere condolences on your loss. Losing a loved one is never easy. When it comes to helping your family transition the assets and financial affairs of your loved one, to the proper beneficiaries, you must be comfortable and enjoy who you are working with as an attorney. It is just that simple. What can sometimes be a time consuming process, with Andrew Hoffman Law you will get legal counsel that can assist you in balancing the delicate fine line between treating all heirs equally, while taking into consideration those special situations. We’re more than technicians. We are tacticians.

From Douglas County to Kimball County, we have probated estates from each end of Nebraska. With our web-based Nebraska court system, put us to work for you from anywhere.

There is no requirement that the lawyer who drafted the will, also be the lawyer who assists with the probate. We appreciate your consideration of hiring our firm to help your family. To assist you more promptly, we would kindly invite you to fill out the below information requests:

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