Real Estate Litigation

Unfortunately, even the best planned land transactions can result in real estate litigation. Andrew Hoffman Law drafts and manages many land transactions but also remain ready to negotiate and litigate land conflicts that arise. While we do not like to say disagreement is inevitable, it is unfortunately common in the real estate sphere.

Land disputes can compromise value, limit use, and cause headaches for landowners overall as they tend to cause stress and fear. When facing them, it is best to delegate the matter to an attorney to provide skilled handling and resolution without excessive cost.

Real Estate Litigation Attorney O'Neill, NE

Matters in real estate litigation often involve:

  • Residential, commercial, and land evictions;
  • Judicial and non-judicial foreclosure, including foreclosure defense as well as instigation;
  • Boundary and fencing disputes;
  • Construction and lien foreclosures; and
  • Quiet title actions

Each contentious real estate matter is taken at individual concern. We will provide thorough research into each side of the claim and use our knowledge to determine the best course of action.

If we conclude you have no cause of action or need to settle quickly, we will be honest about that assessment as well as zealously advocate for your side when the evidence is right. You can rely on our thoroughness, but also know that you will receive a candid assessment at all stages of litigation.


When facing a lawsuit or needing to file one, there are time limits involved that could compromise your claim. It is best to contact a lawyer as soon as you realize there is an issue. If you are struggling with current or probable real estate litigation, contact Andrew Hoffman Law in Atkinson as soon as possible by calling (402) 925-2268.